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Stories are best told by the people who live them.

Over the last decade, many migrants have sought Brazil as a refuge from the hardships in their countries. In the southern state of Paraná, many have been helped by Caritas Brasileira, an institution that dedicates itself to helping migrants start their lives anew in this country, In partnership with Caritas Regional Paraná, the International Organization for Migration, and USAID, we are proud to present the campaign “One Opportunity Can Change Everything” (Uma Oportunidade Pode Mudar Tudo).

See the stories of Jean, Ivete, and Jean, all migrants from different countries that have built a life for themselves in southern Brazil. Learn of their hardships, resilience, and how opportunities opened up doors for them in Brazil.


*Videos are currently only available in Portuguese.

46 different indigenous tribes from all over Brazil answered Chief Raoni’s call to meet deep in the Amazon at Piaraçu Village and prepare an indigenous manifesto. Chief Raoni Metuktire, the legendary 90-year-old Kayapó leader, led the effort to unite Brazil’s indigenous population against the Brazilian government’s hostilities and the incessant deforestation that has been destroying their homes. The indigenous peoples protect the Earth’s biodiversity, but face serious threats from illegal miners and loggers.
This short film was made for environmental news outlet Mongabay.

Small-crop farmers in southern Brazil are using sustainable plantation methods such as agroecology and agroforestry to grow organic food and rescue degradated land. Local farmers show us how their production works in Assentamento do Contestado, a Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) settlement in Paraná, Brazil. They don’t only guarantee sustainable food production, but also educate others on the benefits of agroecology and the reduction of pesticides.

This video was selected as the winner of the United Nations’ 2019 Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change in the Nature-based solutions for food and human health category.

After the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, Alinx left his country looking for a better life in Brazil. Joined only by his sister, he tells us about his difficult start in a new country where he had no friends and didn’t speak the language.

This video was a finalist at the Rio de Janeiro State University’s (UERJ) 7th Annual Short Film Festival.