Our Mission

Human Voices seeks to share social and environmental initiatives on an international level by telling the stories of inspiring individuals and communities from Latin America and abroad.

In a time of polarization, we want to promote dialogue by sharing the voices of those most impacted by the world’s most pressing issues.

International Recognition

We are focused on getting our message across to as wide an audience as possible. We’ve been internationally recognized for our projects. Most recently, we’ve won the United Nations’ 2019 Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change.

Our Core Values

  • As journalists, we seek to provide stories without distorting the facts.
  • All communication will always be based on research and data.
  • Create bridges between projects and civil society.
  • Environmental protection and a commitment to sustainability.
  • Placing overlooked individuals and communities in the roles of protagonists.


Rafael Forsetto
Director & Media Producer
Kiane Assis
Research Lead & Journalist

Our Partners